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PewdieCry - Trick or Treat

“Mom! Where did you put my hoodie?” Cry called from his room. 31st October and all the trick-and-treaters were already outside, doing their yearly walk around the neighborhood.

The ten year old brunette had planned to go collect candy with his best friend from school, Felix Kjellberg. Felix the blond Swedish boy who had moved to America last year was only a year younger than Cry and when they found out about their shared love for video games, they became friends quickly.

“In the dryer!” Came the muffled response from downstairs. Cry abandoned his search in the closet and hurried over to the bathroom. His black hoodie was as promised in the dryer and he slipped it over his head, tucking the brown strands underneath the black fabric.

Then he adjusted his mask, which he had painted a dark blue with washable colors and ran downstairs.

His mother was busy helping his older sister into her costume, as she was meeting up with a couple of friends in a few minutes and didn´t have the time to do it alone.

Cry slipped into his shoes and started tying the shoelaces. He wanted to get out as fast as possible before his mother could redirect her attention back to him. She always insisted he take a flashlight out with him for safety, which Cry hated, because none of the characters he ever dressed up as carried a flashlight around with them.

Especially not Eyeless Jack, the pasta monster he had chosen for this year.

His plan to be stealthy crashed and burned as a loud knock startled him.

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October 21 - Happy Puppet Syndrome

Story: Happy Puppet Syndrome

Author: Error666

Read by: Mr Creepy Pasta

Warnings: fetuses, dying children, mild violence directed at children

Description: A team of scientists tried to make a perfect human: one that was never sad. Their experiment goes horribly wrong and they have to suffer the consequences.

Length: 12 minutes

One of the creepiest things about this video is the quiet giggles of the children in the background. It´s a nice little cp, not too long and not too scary either, one of those stories that you can read/listen to when you crave for a bit of creepy entertainment.



Sorry, it’s not ianthony, this fanfic is a “PewdieMad!Cry” fanfic and it’s ‘bout how pewds for some reason got his house burned and get to live whit Mad, yup, that’s right, I already have like two chapters so.. Yhea, if you’ll like to read it it’s on wattpad my dear, you just have to search for “A Mad man’s house (A PewdieMad!Cry fanfic)” or my username “CrazyMadLife” and check on my beautiful creations :3 

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That sounds awesome! I´ll go read it right now!